Don't Buy a House With Plumbing Problems

Get a plumbing inspection done in New Haven, Rochester Hills, MI & surrounding areas

Buying a home is a major investment. Make sure you're making a smart decision by arranging for a plumbing inspection from Eagle Homes Inspections, LLC. From the pipes and valves to the water heater and showers, we'll check all elements of the plumbing system. After we're done, you can rest assured that you're aware of all potential problems.

Call now to schedule your plumbing inspection in the New Haven & Rochester Hills, MI and surrounding areas.

Prevent costly repairs

We serve a 50 mile radius around New Haven, Michigan

You can't foresee plumbing issues. But you can minimize the chances of having to deal with one by calling on the experienced team at Eagle Homes Inspections.

We recommend inspecting your plumbing regularly to avoid expensive problems like:

  • A burst water heater
  • Blockages in the main water line
  • Cracked toilets
  • Leaking tubs
  • Corroded sinks
Contact us today to arrange for your plumbing inspection in New Haven & Rochester Hills, MI and surrounding areas.