I inspected residential & commercial buildings in New York and Pennsylvania for the past 25 years. I recently started Eagle Homes Inspections here in Michigan on the premise that the interests of buyers and REALTORS® could be served best with a clear understanding of the exact condition of a building on the market.

The company's mission is to provide prospective buyers with necessary information about a structure so they can make a decision with the confidence and peace of mind that it's the right one. Eagle Homes Inspectors objectively, thoroughly and accurately inspect all major building components - the electrical, plumbing and heating system, the roof, insulation, windows, overall structural integrity, and numerous other systems and components. Buyers are encouraged to accompany Me on the job and reap the benefits of a thorough explanation of any findings. I have established a follow me book so that the client can understand What I am inspecting and why I am inspecting that item or component. During the inspection, inspectors note items which need repair and explain practical alternatives with cost-saving recommendations. Clients also receive a detailed report in there email the same day of the inspection or within 24 hr. The report often exceeds 20 pages. Lester Ottenwalder is a highly qualified and experienced professional and is recognized as a leader in the inspection industries. Eagle Homes Inspections, LLC is a company that meets or exceeds all National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) & American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). requirements.

Additional information to help you make your decision in selecting a home inspector:

Additional information to help you make your decision in selecting a home inspector:

  • I meet or exceed the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) and the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) standard of practice for residential home inspection and reporting.
  • I have passed the AHIT Standards of Practice exam.
  • I provide flexible scheduling, with evening and weekend appointments available a no extra cost.
  • I provide easy to read, computer generated inspection reports complete with photos either same day or next day. I deliver electronically sent to your email. Guaranteed within 24 hours after completion of inspection process.
  • A quality home inspection is my personal guarantee, as is professional, courteous, and timely service.



Eagle Homes Inspections understand the home buying process. The role of the Home Inspector is to educate the client, not create barriers to the transaction. While it is our job to point out legitimate issues that might impact the habitability of the house or which might be expensive to repair or replace, our role is to accomplish our mission without alarming the client.

Our customer service based approach to home inspections begins as soon as you contact our office. We believe that you and your client deserve one-on-one treatment beginning with your initial contact and continuing until the property closes. Eagle Homes Inspections will help your client to determine what services are appropriate. Additionally, we always inquire as to the timing of the purchase agreement. The buyer has a lot on their mind and often times are unaware of the deadline for the inspection response. Plus, I am available 7 days a week!!

If questions arise after the closing, we will remain a valuable and available resource. Eagle Homes Inspections is always happy to share pertinent information concerning the inspection or answer general home maintenance questions for our clients and their real estate professional.

Time is of the essence in every transaction, and we don't waste your time waiting for our findings. Additional copies are distributed at the same time per the client's instructions. Findings are referenced to digital photos included in the report and all inspections follow the same format with a summary page for marginal items & a separate section for Defective items at the end listing all concerns.

As a professional Realtor, you have to be concerned about the credentials of anyone to whom you refer your clients. At Eagle Homes Inspections all of our inspections meet or exceed the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics of (ASHI) American Society of Home Inspectors. Along with the many hours of continuing education required to maintain all of these credentials.


In my 30+ years in the field, I've had the opportunity to work all across our great country, and abroad. Below is a sampling of some of the recent projects I've completed. I've done everything from large-scale commercial buildings, to residential housing, and even small-scale custom word-working (I love spoiling my grandchildren!).


My staff and I designed and constructed this (Dark Warehouse) manufacturing and office facility in Brussels, Belgium. A Dark Warehouse is a warehouse where people are not allowed only robotic fork lift trucks work as high as 50 ft. This presented a challenge since the corporation required a 54 ft tall building, but the construction site we were on would only permit a 50 ft tall building to be constructed. To solve the problem, we built the floor level 4 ft below ground level, and allowed the robotic lift trucks to lift the products to a man door 4ft above..


My team and I converted an existing building into a new warehouse, office, and manufacturing facility.


In 2014 I constructed this new three season room.


Designed and built a wood shed constructed mostly from wood pallets. This entire 16' X 20' wood shed cost less than $500 including the used trusses.


Here is an example of a commercial inspection I recently completed for Greenhouse Apartments. We were hired to inspect the exterior facade and roof of the entire 10 story building. Below are pictures showing some major components of the inspection.


Dismantled this old barn and salvaged the old wood.


Designed and constructed this 38' X 18' pergola. Home owner will stain next year.


Various toys for the grandchildren.


In 2008, I constructed this 20' X 20' family room and 28' X 30' garage addition onto my house in Lenox, Michigan.


Designed and constructed this elevated deck addition including relocating the stairs.


Various custom projects.