Inspect the Unseen

We use infrared imaging for property inspections in the New Haven, MI area

Many parts of buildings can be seen easily during property inspections, but how do you inspect something like a radiant in-floor heating system? How do you detect differences in heat? At Eagle Homes Inspections, LLC in New Haven, MI, we use infrared imaging. This imaging allows us to inspect a number of elements in a building.

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What we can find with infrared imaging

When completing your property inspection, we'll use infrared imaging and our own knowledge of inspection techniques, which we've developed over more than 25 years.

During property inspections, we use infrared imaging to detect things like these:

  • Energy issues: Heat problems, electrical faults and overloaded circuits
  • Moisture issues: Water intrusion, roof leaks, plumbing leaks and wet insulation
  • Structure issues: Construction problems, missing insulation, damaged insulation and window seal defects
  • HVAC issues: Air conditioner compressor leaks, in-floor heating problems and overheated devices

We can also uncover other problems, like pest infestations, by identifying their heat. Call 586-295-5749 to ask a property inspection expert about our infrared imaging services.